Top small town to visit outside Chania

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Top Small Town to visit outside Chania


Small Town of Palaiochora located at the South – West part of the Chania Prefecture and is the most cosmopolitan place of the South. There you can enjoy a walk to the small town and taste food at the local taverns. The beach of Paleochora is suitable for swimming, and sports activities thanks to the location of the weather. Really beautiful beaches, are close to Palaiochora such as “Gialiskari” beach. It is also recommended to stay for 1-2 night there


Located 67 km from Chania, between the villages Paleochora and Agia Roumeli. The landscape is green and there are hotels and restaurants that facilitate your stay. Sougia beach is with pebbles and is listed with the cleanest beaches of Greece. There are smaller beaches for nudism, umbrellas, sun beds and showers.


It is worth visiting the area around the village Mixers with traditional villages Fre, Vafe, Emprosnero, Alikambos and Mass outside of the traditional architecture have been retained and the old way of life. The area is famous for its dairy products, especially yogurt and unrivaled in lamb meat flavor, or goat. All these villages are outside the main routes and destinations for tourists and so have kept a more authentic image of the past.


Askifou plateau surrounded by the following peaks of the White Mountains: Castle in the west (2,218m.), Tripali east (1.493m.) And goods to the south (1.511m.). Shaped cup shape, it may originate in its name, as the ancient word “deep bowl” means bowl. 50 km away. from Chania, at an altitude of 730m. and is used for wheat and potato crops. According to geological evidence the plateau during the prehistoric era was a lake. . Moreover, Askifou is of particular historical significance because 1821 was a field of victorious battle at Sfakia against the Turks. On 21 August 1866, in the village of Askifou declared the union of Crete with the rest of mainland Greece. At Askifou village you can taste traditional dishes, especially “Sfakianes pites” with honey enjoying the beautiful view. You can also buy traditional products from there like cheese, honey, or “apaki”

Apokorona’s villages

H region of Apokoronas is located 25km. east of Chania on the road to Heraklion, is hilly with interesting natural environment, dominated by forest vegetation (oak, oaks, cypresses, agriamygdaloi, carob, laurel, pear, etc.), shrubs (aspalathos, Agarathos, sage Artic, herbs) and architectural heritage. The region is dotted by small villages, most of whom are old maintaining the architectural character and natural environment. Among them worth to visit Vamos (the biggest village), Gavalochori and Kefalas. There you can stop for food.


Visit the beautiful and historic small village Therissos. It was the village where in 1905 Eleftherios Venizelos set up the movement for the union of Crete with Greece and the expulsion of Prince George from the post of commissioner of the autonomous Cretan state. There you will find the Museum of National Resistance, very good traditional restaurants. A visit to Therisso really worth as you pass through a gorge by car to find the village.

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